Health Star Rating

food labelling Australia

Health Star Ratings, giving an indication of a food’s nutritional profile, are a recent addition for voluntary labelling and the requirements are covered in a specific module giving you the lowdown on the stars for your label – including the updates to the system.

The updates provided for certain foods to automatically carry a 5 star rating – e.g. fruit and vegetables, fresh, frozen or canned with no addition of sugar, salt or fat. An adjustment to the penalty applied to total sugars and the level of sodium when calculating the baseline points occurred with the updates.

Also the removal of permission for the use of just the energy icon was also part of the updates to the system. The Health Star Rating system, while voluntary, has targeted an uptake of 70% for relevant food products by November 2025.

The actual uptake doesn’t look like meeting this target and the regulators are assessing a possibility of mandating the system. How are your stars rating?

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