Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria

Advanced Food Labelling Course

Including a permitted health claim or using some nutrient content claims on your Australian food label, for example, a glycaemic index claim, then your food must meet the Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria.

This training module gives you the information that you need for working out if those claims you want for your food labels in Australia meet the Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria.

What category does your food fit into? What are V Points and P Points and F Points? What does it then mean for your labelling when using these particular points in your final score calculation – and can you use them in all products?

Where is all this information in the Food Standards Code – bits of information are in multiple areas of the Food Standards Code. This course pulls it all together for you.

If you are not sure about nutrient claims and want to know about them, head to our Nutrient Content Claims and NPSC Bundled Course.

Price: $60